Adult and Youth Bible Study

Sunday Morning at 9:30am

Foundation of Truth for Discipleship

An adult and youth Bible study is an opportunity for mature individuals to gather together and delve deeply into the teachings of the Bible. This type of study is typically designed for adults and older youth who have a foundational knowledge of the Bible and are ready to explore its deeper meanings and applications.

During Bible study, participants will typically gather together in a small group setting, either in-person or online, and engage in in-depth discussions about various biblical topics. The study may be led by a trained facilitator, or the group may take turns leading the discussion.

Participants will typically read and study selected passages of the Bible, discussing their meaning, historical context, and relevance to their own lives. They may also explore related topics, such as biblical history, theology, and practical applications of biblical principles.

This type of Bible study can be a great way for adults to deepen their understanding of the Bible and their relationship with God, as well as to build community with other believers. It may also provide an opportunity for individuals to seek answers to challenging theological questions or to grapple with difficult passages of the Bible in a supportive and collaborative environment.

It is important to note that a Bible study may cover sensitive or mature topics, and therefore may not be appropriate for children or young teens. However, for adults who are ready to engage with the Bible on a deeper level, an adult-only Bible study can be a rich and rewarding experience.